Headform Accessories

ISO Verification Adaptor Kit

The verification kit is used to conduct breathing verification tests. The verification adaptor is attached to the head form via the mouth section. The adaptor allows for the attachment of two verification orifices which vary in internal diameter. All components are machined from stainless steel.

RPD CO2 Verification Adaptor Kit

The RPD Adaptor Kit is used for testing the average carbon dioxide content of inhaled air. The RPD Adaptor attaches to the mouth section of the head form and allows CO2 Verification tubes to be attached. The verification tubes are available in two lengths that create volumes of either 250ml (+/- 50ml) or 500ml (+/- 50ml).

Laboratory Base Stand

The stainless steel base stand allows the Head Form to be securely fastened to a work top for maximum stability and connection of the trachea to test equipment. 3 front facing ports allow access to the CO2, temperature and pressure sampling ports using 4mm polyurethane tubing.

Transit Cases

A single transit case can be provided with a foam insert for transportation and storage when not in use. A larger case is available which will store two heads , so we ask if you can please state your preference with your enquiry.