ISO Head Form Specification

Standard RPD Head Form

The standard RPD Head Form consists of a stainless steel trachea moulded into any of the 5 ISO sizes - Small, Short/Wide, Medium, Long/ Narrow & Large.

FOV Upgrade

LED bulbs can be added to the standard RPD Head Form for field of view capability. This has yet to be an approved test method and should be used for guidance only.

Acoustic Testing Upgrade

Removable 3D printed ear pods house Shure Microphones which can be used for noise testing. As with the FOV add-on, this has yet to be recognised as a test method.

ISO Head Form Composition

The base construction of any particular Head Form centres around the stainless steel trachea assembly over moulded in a platinum cure 30 A shore silicone rubber that can withstand everyday laboratory use.

Where field of view and noise enhancements are required, we utilise 3D printing which enables us to respond quickly to any bespoke requirements for bulbs or microphones. Currently we supply x2 12v G4 LED bulbs for field of view and x2 Shure ML183 microphones for noise testing.

The trachea has integrated fittings for bench-mounted stability, especially when used with the testing base that allows quick access to the sampling points for CO2, temperature and pressure.