The Process

The new ISO Head Form was developed with standardisation in mind.The original 3D scan data representing each size was very detailed that could lead to performance assessment anomalies. This led to a development process of complex surface modelling to remove irregularities from the scan data and produce a generic yet multi-purpose Head Form.

Each Head Form master pattern is CNC machined in- house. Each tool is an amalgamation of CNC and bespoke 3D printed pieces before being cast in silicone rubber to produce the production mould tool in a precision cut mould box unique to each Head Form.

Using a range of modular inserts and endo-skeleton configurations, the full range of breathing, FOV and noise testing Head Forms can be manufactured using a single tool.

We manufacture each Head Form in-house, ranging from the endo-skeleton, the 3D printed ear pods and casting the head in a premium 30 Shore A platinum cure silicone rubber. Control over the tooling and a variety of inserts allows us to produce the full range of breathing, field of view and noise testing Head Forms from a single tool.

Using a traditional casting process gives us the ability to also use alternative silicones or pigmentation depending on the customer’s requirements and application with no disruption to setup or production flow.

A lead time of 6-8 weeks from order to delivery is to be typically expected but may vary dependent upon any unique design requests that need to be considered.